Main Stage main stage
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Freedom Tent
main stage
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Liberty Stage
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Hotspotter will let you add hot spots to your images, you can build amazing responsive hot spots with just point & click.  There's a powerful editor that will help you do all kinds of spots. There are a ton of cool features in this amazing Jquery plugin by Basem. We incoprated this amazing tool into a Joomla module so you can create amazing hot spots on your website.

Check out all the awesome features below

  • Different Types of Spots & Tooltips
  • Unique Aiming Effect. See an example by hovering over the crosshair icon near the Liberty Stage above.
  • Tip & Bubble tooltips
  • Change tooltip direction “top, bottom, right, left”
  • Different tooltip animations
  • Change tooltip position relative to spot
  • Activate it on hover, click or make it always active
  • Change spot border radius
  • Make your spot point to a URL
  • Add text or HTML content to tooltips
  • Create spots with your own images!
  • Share your spots “Direct link to a hot spot, when navigating to this link the browser window will scroll down to where the image is located & trigger the spot”
  • Fully Responsive
  • Easily control spots with javascript
  • Degrade gracefully with older browsers like IE7, only the Editor require a modern browser
  • Unobtrusive spots
  • Comes with a built in editor to create your spots.

Editor Features

  • Dosen’t require PHP or MySQL just a modern browser
  • Work with local files
  • The editor will give you an already formatted HTML, just copy & paste
  • Use arrow keys for precise positioning
  • Want to create similar spots, there’s a clone button
  • Test custom image spots directly in the editor

Editor View

hotspotter map


Q: My image appears broken? What is wrong?

A: In the HTML output, make sure the links to your images are correct and that you are using the complete path. You can not use relative URLS, like: ../images/jam_map.jpg
You need to use the complete path, like:

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