Socially is a social networks content plugin for Joomla. Social sharing buttons are necessary to make it easy for visitors to share our content with their friends and professional networks. But as web developers, we have to be weary of the slow down that sharing buttons bring. Buttons you include in your page loads its own set of scripts and style sheets which make your pages slower. Socially solves this problem.

Socially adds social sharing buttons to your site without slowing it down. It is easy to use, powered by CSS 3 and is mobile friendly.  All social networks support so called “sharer pages”, which are special URLs that allow people to share directly to the social network. These URLs are opened in a new page or in a popup window, and they are loaded only when they are needed, which speeds things up.

The plugin has support for these networks:

  1. Twitter

  2. Facebook

  3. Google+

  4. Tumblr

  5. Pinterest

The plugin is a content plugin and works with Joomla and K2. You can set it to display before or after articles, choose to exclude certain articles and enable/disable each network separately.

See the demo below! 

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